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If swimming is part of your workout and you want some personal space to do it, an inground lap pool can be the answer.

Because the exercises of swimming and water aerobics have become so popular in the past 20 years, ‘Lap' swimming pools have also experienced exceptional growth. And with the advances of technology, no longer does a lap pool need be a 10'x50' swimming area. In fact, lap pools can now be some of the smallest pools in the industry, with the addition of an artificial 'current' to swim against for conditioning. There are many variations in the type and size of pool, and the equipment that makes it work that have to be considered before purchasing a lap pool.

Take a look at some of the various lap pools available on the market today and give us a call. Easy to fit into a small area and economical to build and maintain, a lap pool can be a great addition to your backyard.

We hava a history of quality work, and a long line of satisfied customers in Temecula and surrounding areas. Our jobs are completed for the quote given with our free estimate. We gaurantee our customers satisfaction, and we will beat any reasonable offer by $100.

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