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Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

The single most popular backyard addition in southern California, swimming pools are some of the most valuable home enhancements you can build. Cooling off in the summer heat, gathering friends and family, keeping the kids entertained and active, swimming pools may be the most important recreational inventions of all time.

When considering buying a pool, in addition to hiring an experiened swimming pool builder:

  • Consider your budget. There are many options in size and construction types of pool, and you may find them surprisingly affordable
  • If possible, have us build you an in-ground pool. We can install a fiberglass pool that is a pre-molded basins that is dropped into a hole dug in your backyard, but for a more elegant and lasting solution, consider having us build you a shotcrete steel reinforced cement pool. Let us add a wooden deck and even possibly a cabana to make your backyard one you won't want to leave.
  • There are many types and styles of pool. Talk to us to consider your options. Shotcrete in particular offers the most flexiblity, but there are many features that can be added to any type of pool. Jacuzzis and spas, diving boards, slides, the list is endless.
  • Let us design a landscape that works around and with your pool. Patio with kitchen, softscape, outdoor lighting and other enhancements can make your backyard like no other.
  • For limited space or if you're just looking for a way to workout and enjoy swimming as part of your routine, have us install a lap pool for you. A great way to work out and cool off at the same time.

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